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Aquastealth II Extreme Watercooling Kit

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Black Reservoir with Minijet 404 pump (256gph, 120 volt)

The custom black reservoir also put together by AquaStealth came powder-coated which is definitely good for this piece because it will most likely be on the bottom of a case where most movement occurs. Just as the blocks, the barbs on this reservoir are coated in chrome as well. This does not effect cooling any, but does affect looks of the mod. The seal on this reservoir is a soft rubber gasket which is bolted on by 4- countersunk phillips head screws mounted flush with the outside. The seal proved itself to be effective, but overtime, a year or two, we are really not sure how this will hold up. To FILL the reservoir, Aquastealth has included a thumbscrew beside one of the barbs to allow an easi fill up. The thumbscrew hole is also sealed by a rubber gasket. The pump is very small and located on the INSIDE of the reservoir. This pump connects to power by a standard wall connector, and pumps an average of 265gallons of water per hour. This is more than worthy for the extreme Overclocker! Water in the tubes and blocks will be constantly moving which means the water will stay cooler. The pump is a major factor in a watercooling kit, and it is the perfect way to top off AquaStealth?s ?II Extreme Series.?

Appearance: 10/10
Seal: 7.8/10
Water-flow: 9/10

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