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Aquastealth II Extreme Watercooling Kit

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Installation instructions for this kit can be found at AquaStealth?s website at:

***WARNING: Test ALL watercooling kits for at least 24 hours before installing into a real system. This will ensure no leaks and no immediate breakdowns of components.

I was rather pleased with the performance on this product. We decided it would be fun to install it on our 500mhz AMD k6-2 server running Windows XP and see how it performed. To measure the temperatures before and after, we used a ThermalTake Hardcano II. Let?s take a look at the results?

Normal Cooled Temperature: 91.4 F

AquaStealth Cooled Temperature: 72.1 F

As you can see, the temperatures dropped by nearly 20 degrees Fahrenheit under a 100% CPU load. This is a substantial drop! If I was to overclock this computer, I could probably overclock it to nearly 850 without going above the normal temperatures with the regular heat sink.

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