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Aquastealth II Extreme Watercooling Kit

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Final Judgment

Not only did Aquastealth present themselves in a professional manner from the start, their product?s appearance was not all this product carried. It was very proving of it?s abilities to cool a CPU. It dropped the temperatures on a 500mhz AMD k6-2 by nearly 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The powder-coating on this kit provided a perfect outer shell for the components to keep them from being damaged. Setup was a breeze, but very time consuming to ensure no water drops. All components had been tested prior to shipping which really cut down on the testing time because we didn?t have to take the time to unhook everything and seal it then test it again. We would recommend this kit to ANY overclocker or even stock user. It?s effectiveness to cool really performed as well as we had hoped and I am sure the 265gph pump had a LOT to do with the results.

A Short follow-up soon will provide results on performance with a 1700+XP CPU.

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